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KnowSh!tCast – is the brain child of creator and host Matt Frazier. The show is focused on the idea of bringing together interesting people for open conversation in the quest for knowledge and information. Coupled with quirky guests and co-hosts, KnowSh!tCast is an entertaining and refreshing take on Infotainment.


Sensei Halim Rodriguez, is the founder of Holistic Mystics, a group dedicated to the spiritual essence that is found within all the world's spiritual traditions and forms the essential foundation.

Co-Founder of KRM Tactical

KRM Tactical brings world class instruction as modular programs in 5 disciplines. Each of our disciplines are focused on building reliable skill sets that hold under pressure.
Our Dynamic Action Response Training (DART) program is dedicated to addressing Sudden Violent Assaults. This program is perfect for anyone who seeks an effective approach to self-defense training.
The Catch And Release Training (CART) program is dedicated to Hostile Subject Control methods, for those situations or professions where striking the assailant is considered unethical or unprofessional. Law Enforcement Officers, Security and Executive Protection Professionals benefit greatly from this program.
The Knife Intensive Tactical Training (KITT) program is dedicated to the use and defense of edged weapon attacks. This armed program is a perfect compliment, and often a necessary progression from the unarmed programs.
The Baton Intensive Tactical Training (BITT) program is dedicated to the use and defense of blunt force trauma/impact weapon attacks. This armed program also forms a perfectly complimentary, and often necessary progression to the unarmed programs.
The Women’s Assault Survival Program (WASP) is dedicated to preparing and equipping women with the knowledge, training and tools needed to not only survive a Sudden Violent Assault, or Abduction, but to prevail! With an emphasis on practicality and reliability under pressure, the experts at KRM Tactical have applied their extensive knowledge, expertise and experience to create a women’s program that can be relied upon!


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"Born on Midway Island in the North Pacific Ocean where there were no phones or TV. This afforded me growing up in an almost meditative environment. Opening already natural abilities that were present in many members of my family. At the age of 4 I developed Mediumship and continued to fine tune this over my lifetime. I grew up and attended nursing school to pursue a career as an ICU RN and Nursing Administrator. During this 30 year period I did private readings part time and worked with paranormal groups on hauntings in Kentucky. In 2013 I decided to leave nursing and provide my services as a full time Professional. I Provide Private readings in Kentucky and surrounding states. One of my specialties is Onsite Mediumship for Historical sites and Buildings in Kentucky such as The Famous Gratz Park Inn and Holly Hill Inn."

"I am Lexington Kentucky’s Psychic Medium. However I LOVE making videos, from instructional ones on gemstone healing to my Fun Friday Tarot Pics. My first Degree out of College was in Broadcasting Journalism. You can always find me behind the camera or editing a new production."


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Sf. Ramon Careaga
Ramon is a native of Lexington, KY. He attended the University of Kentucky where he received a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a 3rd degree Black Belt most recently testing on May 29th, 2010. He teaches gong fu, tai-chi and qi gong through his school, Wu-Tao-Di, and is currently accepting students; he is accepting students in the Herbal medicine and TCM training privately, contact us to apply. At any rate, in an effort to introduce the West to Chinese culture, Shifu endeavors to also represent the medicine as it is: a first rate system of comprehensive health-care (minus surgery). In the West the law limits TCM to the treatment of non-medical emergency, non-surgical, and non-cancer only conditions. Even still this leaves a vast area of human health and concerns to draw upon the 5,000+ years of Chinese Medicine and other alternative medicine history. He is also a business & home feng-shui and astrology consultant. On top of this Sf. Ramon Careaga offers courses in personal growth and development such as Bagua Dharma, 5 Element  Theory and Diet, Self-defense for women, and therapeutic Qi Gong.

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I put a scientist on the show, turned off the filters and asked her for her honest opinion on issues of the world....


Buckle up folks! We going DEEP IN THE WEEDS!!!!

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Aspiring musician and artist, Life adventurer Kenny Shaffer joins me on the show to talk Music and.....what else.....BJJ!!!!

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Antony Hämäläinen (born August 28, 1980, in HämeenlinnaFinland), is a Finnish musician and composer living in the United States.

In the early 1990s, he started playing bass, drums, and singing for multiple bands based both in the USA and Finland.

September 2007, Hämäläinen joined the Gothenburg based Melodic Death Metal band Nightrage.

In January 2015, Armageddon the Swedish Melodic Death Metal band led by former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott announced him as their permanent vocalist.[1]

He occasionally provides guest vocals for bands ranging in all genres of extreme metal both live, and in studio.

In reference to his work on the Nightrage album Wearing A Martyr's Crown, Sputnikmusic wrote "Hämäläinen, from Finland, who has a lot of vocal similarities to Tomas Lindberg, which brings back a resemblance to their original sound from their first two albums". Added to his clean vocals "he can still maintain a melodic edge, but he only does it every now and again within the album; he only does it for the purpose of giving some of the songs a musical edge so the listener doesn’t fall asleep thinking that the only new addition of style is just a higher use of acoustic guitars.[2]

"Tulivalmistelu rikkoo hiljaisuuden, laulu loppuu huuto alkaa. Repii rauta miesta kaataen, juo metsa verta janoonsa"

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Jeff Cote, the Occidental Taoist joins me to talk health, fitness, diet, fasting, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and classic Japanese monster movies. 


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Music Memo, Garage Band, Sam Perry, Micro Machines, Cobra Kai and the Karate Kid, Mormons in Space, Dandelions, Abby Martin, 23 and Me, Uber Air and Google Assistant..... We were un-supervised again!!!!


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Artist, Musician, Activist, and Visionary, Darryl Montgomery-Hell joins us on the show. We discuss Industrial Music, Punk, Hip Hop, Buckminster Fuller and the processes of creativity.


Darryl Hell (born Darryl Montgomery, also known as DJ Hell) is a musician and multimedia artist who has been involved with several groups, including Public Disturbance, Sektor 6 Kommunikatons, Abstinence, Emergency Broadcast Network, and Operation Mindwipe. He has also performed with the band Terrorfakt and collaborates with the DJ/producer network Sonic Warriors United, based in Germany.


with Public Disturbance

Public Disturbance LP (1983, Mutha Records 003)
S&M 7" EP (1983, Mutha Records 011)

with Abstinence

Level 7 appears on the soundtrack to Backyard Glances Alva Skateboards (1987)
Frigid 12" EP Furnace Records/Silent Records (1994)
Revolt of the Cyberchrist Furnace Records/Silent Records (1994)
Theorem Furnace Records/Silent Records (1995)
The Path of Maximum Resistance s6k media (2005)
Hellscape compilation (1995, Furnace Records/Silent Records)
featured "Interference" & "Screaming Into the Void VSmix: (Virtually Silent Mix)"
New Industries compilation Dynamica Records, Germany (1995)
featured "Frigid Changes"
Hellscape 2 compilation Furnace Records/Silent Records (1995)
featured "Fractured/Assassinate the Beat"
Operation Beatbox compilation Reconstriction Records/Cargo Records (1996)
featured "Two Three Break"
Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled remix compilation Important Records (2003)
featured "Freq"
Path of Maximum Resistance s6k Media (2004)
Delusions Of Architecture cd/DVD Furnace Records/s6k Media (2013)
"You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
Buckminster Fuller

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Matt and Eric talk about Steam Punk, Pagan Love, Exploding Coolers, BJJ, Trans-humanism, Fusion Reactors, X-Rated Holo-Decks, Sloth Eating, and Stone Age Chimps....among other things.

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